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The process is just as important and rewarding as the end result. Every new shoot and project we do not only adds one notch to our job expertise, but adds greatly to our life experience. Join us on some of our adventures.

A testimonial from PBF Australia

Hing interviews PBF presenter, Paul Carson.

Dear Hing and Esther

On behalf of PBF Australia I would like to thank you for the exceptional work you both did in creating our new workplace “What Are the Consequences” video and the 10 individual presenter stories.

The quality of the production is professional and heartfelt.  You not only met the brief but went above and beyond our expectations. A couple of our clients have already seen the workplace video and feedback to date has been extremely positive.  The emotional connection achieved is priceless.

Each presenter has watched their personal videos and their reactions have been quite unsuspected. You have managed to get to the real story behind their brave exteriors which has made the sharing of their stories so much more authentic.

It was a pleasure working with both of you and PBF Australia is happy to endorse Aesop Media for future projects.


Graeme Kendall

Eastern States Manager PBF

The Force Awakens Homage

We are getting excited about the imminent release of “The Force Awakens”! So much so that we at Aesop Media decided to celebrate by bringing together a group of like minded (geek minded) friends to create our own homage to the Mythology that defines our generation. This is just a sneak preview though. You won’t believe how long it takes to rotoscope these frames but we’re enjoying the process and really excited about how it’s looking.

At Aesop Media, we believe in continually growing our skill and experience. What better way to hone our editing, animation and SFX skills than to create a lightsaber duel?

This will be a lightsaber duel with a difference.

I guarantee you’ll not have seen what’s been done here before.

Stay tuned!

Okay, Sorry about blacking out the action but I don’t want to reveal the unique difference this duel has to others you may have seen in the movies or in other fanfilms. You’ll just have to wait till we finish the whole sequence. Till then..here’s some behind the scenes stuff.

Deflection Duel.00_02_21_11.Still011

Jill and Esther work out how to turn the lightsaber on for Kai (who was unable to unlock its secrets for 3 whole days)

Crew resets for close ups. Hing as director/camera operator, Patto as gaffer, Ella on smoke, Photos by Ben Connolly

Crew resets for close ups. Hing as director/camera operator, Patto as gaffer, Ella on smoke, Photos by Ben Connolly

Darth Stu clashes with all his hatred!

Darth Stu clashes with all his hatred!

Jedi and Sith face-off!

Jedi and Sith face-off!

Darth Stu sets position for focus while staying in Sith character...such a professional!

Darth Stu sets position for focus while staying in Sith character…such a professional!


Rotoscoping (frame by frame alteration) is tedious work but totally worth it!

I've seen lasers added to shots without thought to practical lighting. Every laser bolt in our scene creates light that must reflect off real objects. It adds to the realism of the shot

I’ve seen lasers added to shots without thought to practical lighting. Every laser bolt in our scene creates light that must reflect off real objects. It adds to the realism of the shot


We were approached by the Yondo crew to produce promotional “User Story” videos for their product. Yondo is a powerful web platform that enables users to record, stream, market and sell videos online in subscription or user rent transactions.

We LOVED this project!

The very nature of this product seems to attract, energetic, enterprising and most of all…interesting people….People with stories and expertise. People with passion and plans. People who are leaders in their field and want to share their wealth of knowledge. In short, this project gave us the opportunity to sample (in a very short time) a plethora of “Potent” individuals and take a piece of them with us! Our only regret is that the final videos, by necessity, can only skim the surface of their human stories.

Flora Mythica

“Myth is the hidden part of every story, the buried part, the region that is still unexplored because there are as yet no words to enable us to get there. Myth is nourished by silence as well as by words.”
Italo Calvino

2015 has been a big year for Aesop Media but chief among the projects we’ve taken on has to be the year-long collaboration with floral artist – Marco Appelfeller. Every weekend for the past 12 months we worked hard to bring together the elements needed to create magical, epic scenes from Myth and Fairytales depicted in Floral Art, to be published by the Belgian publishing house Stichting-Kunstboek, reknowned for their, high end art and photography books.

The publishers required us to make and photograph at least 60 different floral art pieces with behind the scenes photos and information as well so every week we would  have to organise the creation of at least 2 (often 3 or 4) floral art pieces to make the deadline. We researched Greek Myths, Shakespeare, Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson and more for stories that we felt could be depicted by floral art in a way that people would respond to in a reminiscent way.

We wanted the Floral pieces to be actively part of the scenes rather than just decorations and we wanted the scenes to come alive with action and emotion as well. We spent days in op shops, flower suppliers, gardens and other places to find the materials, we approached friends and family (and many bewildered strangers) to pose as models for us. We scoured the countryside for suitable locations but we also had fun doing it.

It is not often we get to create from scratch. To build on nothing more than a dream and a reminiscent vision of our childhood. To be able to indulge our purely creative instincts while meeting new and interesting people was a pleasure we hope to continue some day!


“You know more of a road by having travelled it, than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world.”
– William Hazlitt

 “The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”
– G.K. Chesterton


Nothing quite says freedom and adventure in an easily accessible package than the notion of getting into a car with loose expectations and even looser destinations. To road-trip is to follow a path on a whim, to see what adventures will unfold, to be open to the sights and experiences. It is to be directed by your fancies, to eat when you’re hungry, to bunk down when it gets dark, to choose to explore a place further or to keep travelling ‘onwards and upwards’. It can be a lesson in mindfulness if you let it. Who hasn’t enjoyed the feeling of the wind on their face through the wide car window, or poked their hand into the open rushing air to feel it being batted up and down. Suddenly we have the time to notice the layers of green and amber colours of passing fields and woods, the slow-rolling clouds of the distant storm,  the ‘same but different’ novelty of new towns, new bridges, new rivers.

And if you have the good fortune to share it with loved companions, then it can become an experience that bonds you further. “Remember that antique store with the epic record collection.” “Remember the cheese/juicy apricots/yoghurt we tasted at that stall.” “Remember staying at the farm and how we got to…”  “Remember when you slipped/threw up/sat in the pile of….”. Even the questionable experiences can become memories that you talk and laugh about together with fondness, because it happened to you, at that time and that place and that makes it irreplaceable.

And two other elements go hand in hand with the road-trip experience….a killer soundtrack and of course, photographs……selfies, landscapes, food shots, people you met briefly and friendships formed. Both can go a long way to summoning back memories of that time you got to experience firsthand what it was like to travel down that particular road.

What are some of your favourite travel memories? Is there a song or band that captures that feeling of escape for you? (One of mine is Southern Sun’ by Boy and Bear.) Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

Merlin is a zoologist


“Good art is art that allows you to enter it from a variety of angles and to emerge with a variety of views.”
– Mary Schmich

One of the aspects of this job that I’ve come to really value is the variety of new people I get to meet. Every assignment is different in some way, often because each situation or product has a distinct purpose, but ultimately it is the diverse personalities behind each task that make it enriching. Just in the first two weeks of this month, we’ve had the good fortune to work with an engineer from Germany, a graphic designer, a florist, a Canadian university student, a restaurant owner, a caravan salesman…. and today a zoologist who specialises in researching quolls.

We weren’t doing an assignment for him however. He was doing us a favour. We needed a male with long hair and beard, a male with character, a male who looked like he wouldn’t be out of place wearing a cloak and holding a staff. We needed a Merlin. Enter Scott. Contact had been made whilst participating in a student mentoring program at one of the local high schools and after explaining the project to him, he willingly agreed to be a model. And we couldn’t have chosen a more fitting person. He made the photos come alive. Just looking at the shots on the viewer on the camera, we already knew the pictures were going to be remarkable.

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A Personal Project

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!” 
~Lydia M. Child, Philothea: A Romance, 1836

70 years ago, one day after Germany signed the military surrender that ended WWII, a boy was born in a hospital in Sydney. Can you imagine the joy that his mother must have felt? It must have seemed like all was right with the world again. The war was over…and she had a son, a brother for her daughter. Now I’m sure that there were many sons born that day to relieved and overjoyed mothers, and in a world where amazing, scary and emotional things were happening in rapid conjunction, David’s birth mightn’t seem that earth-shattering.

But it did change the world…..my world and the world of many who know him. Because that baby was my father and on the last day of May, we got to gather together….. one wife, nine children, eighteen grandchildren and many in-laws, family members and friends to celebrate what a wonderful, giving, quirky and gently loving man my father is.

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