This is a sixty second video script template that helps you build an engaging call to action. Scroll down to start.

Sixty Seconds Script Builder
Use this form to focus your thoughts and build your 60 second video. Remember... every second counts!
Your title should be short, descriptive and enticing. "3 things that???" "The best way to???" "Why ??? matters" are great title starters.
Like the title, The Hook should be short and state what the viewer will see (in the first 10 words if possible). Try to end with a question.
State the problem that you can solve for people. Try to speak from the viewers POV . End with a question that needs to be answered.
Answer the question with a hint that entices the viewer to guess the answer. End with a question.
Put your brand forward with a solution that has enough detail to satisfy the viewers curiousity. Use "I" or "WE" a lot.
A call to action that is an EASY step to solve their HURT. It should give them something they don't yet have, but now know they need, and can get by acting now. Click submit to go to the next page where you can copy your script...just select copy and paste it into your favourite note app