August 24, 2022by Hing Ang

Hing Ang

Hing Ang
Digital Producer
Sunshine Coast
Digital Cinema Production (Cinematography)

Operate Digital Cinema Cameras, Lenses and Monitors. Set up Cinematic Lighting. Create and apply LUTs for RAW workflow. Colour Grading. Operate Steadicam and Gimbals. Offline and Online editing. Use Adobe Premiere. Output DCP format. Set up Green Screen shots.

Digital Video Production

Operate DSLR video camera and lenses, Operate video camera equipment, Operate Sound recording equipment, Operate lighting equipment, Edit video assets to brief and output to delivery formats for web, social media, TV and cinema formats. Use Adobe Premiere Pro, After effects.

Digital Editing Offline and Online

Operate Editing Software (Adobe Premiere), File managment, Using Proxies, Logging footage, Syncing audio, Music Search, Music and audio editing, sound design, colour grading, outputing for web, social media, broadcast and cinema formats, monitoring loudness to OP-59 standards for Australian TV commercials.

Drone Operation

Operate a small Drone within standard flight rules to capture Aerial images and video

Digital Photography

Operate DSLR cameras, lenses and accessories, Operate studio flashes and equipment, Edit and re-touch images using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge

Live Stream Production

Setup cameras and lighting for mutli-camera livestream session. Setup wireless sound capture for speakers. Use a switching board to manage camera views. Setup wifi network remotely. Connect to social media live streaming platforms. Connect to ZOOM. Create social media event for livestream. Create ticketed online events. Manage and deliver user payments.

Licenses & Qualifications
QLD Drivers License
QLD Recreational Boating License
Drone Operator License (RPA)

This allows me to operated a drone for business purposes within Standard Operating Rules

Scientific Diver License

This allows me to SCUBA dive and operate underwater equipment.

Blue Card

Working with Children and Minors

Yellow Card

Work with people with Disability. NDIS registered service provider.

A Storyteller Forged by Science, Retail & Education

My professional ethic can be best characterised as calm, pragmatic and inclusive. I’ve worked many years in the hospitality and retail industries while gaining my science degrees. Six years as a Marine Education Manager at Underwater World taught me many things about how different people see the world and how best to engage an audience, but by far the most valuable thing I’ve taken away from serving coffee, studying fish on the Great Barrier Reef, teaching school students about sharks, mopping up vomit in pubs, trying to manage and negotiate group university assignments on ZOOM, trying to rescue camera gear from sudden rain storms, is this…Life and people are chaotic, but the stories we all fashion for ourselves out of this chaos are suprisingly similar. I’ve found the key to happiness is to make sure MY story explains or accepts as much of that chaos as possible and so the happiest you’ll find me is when I’m waist deep in chaos and trying to order that chaos into an honest and real story.

Documentary Productions

2022 “Project Double Vision” – DOP/Editor

2022 “Flight from Cambodia” – DOP/Editor/Producer

2021 “Beyond Episode 2 – Dignity of Risk” – DOP/Editor

2017 “Refraction – Behind the Scenes” – DOP/Editor

2014 “Tijuana Cartel in the Desert” – DOP/Editor

Recent Film Productions

2022 “Edged” – DOP/Editor/EPK/Trailer/Poster Design

2022 “Changing Lives” – DOP/Editor/EPK/Trailer/Poster Design

2020 “Pride Goeth” – Writer/Director/Animator

2020 “The Tipping Point” – Writer/Director/DOP/editor

2017 “Mountain Brothers” – DOP/Editor/Poster Design

2016 “Refraction” – EPK Unit, Trailer, Set & Locations Photographer, Poster Design and Art

2007 “Living & Dying at Hotel Broadway” Set Photographer

2019 – Current student Bachelor of Digital Media (University of South Australia)
2015 – 2022 Digital Content Producer (Aesop Media)
2006 – 2015 Commercial Photographer (Hing Ang Photography)
2002 – 2006 Education Manager (Underwater World)
1999 – 2002 Education Officer (Underwater World)
1998 – 2002 PhD. (Marine Ecology University of QLD)
1997 – 1998 Bachelor of Science Honours (Zoology University of QLD)
1993 – 1997 Bachelor of Science (Zoology University of QLD)